G.Skill 256 GB DDR4



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G.Skill 256GB DDR4 memory kits

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G.Skill Quad Channel DDR4 Memory Kits Up to 256GB on AMD Threadripper and Intel Core-X HEDT Platforms

G.Skill unveils the latest high-performance, four-channel, ultra-capacity DDR4 memory kits designed for AMD Ryzen Threadripper and Intel Core-X high-quality desktop platforms. G.Skill addresses the high-end desktop community with up to 256 memory kits designed specifically for the latest HEDT TRX40 and X299 motherboards.

G.Skill Ultra GB Capacity, Quad Channel DDR4 Memory Kits With 256GB Capacity

For new computers with the latest HEDT processors, G.Skill now offers a range of four-channel memory kits to choose from.